Monday, June 4, 2012

Hutchinson UnitedRide Team Report Val Di Sole

Hi everyone,

Val Di Sole is over! It has been a rough week end for everyone.

Unfortunately, Tim broke his collarbone on Friday during practice, he went back to South Africa to get a surgery, we all wish him a quick recovery and can't wait to see him on a bike again. Apart from that everyone was having a good time on this dusty steep track and in he hot sun of Val Di Sole.
Saturday, it's qualification time. Guillaume and Fabien crashed and didn't make it into the 80th, but Fabien being 19th overall he is a protected rider, he's still qualified.   Fabien was struggling with arm pumped issues and finished 75th.   
Mick had an average run and qualified 23nd.  Come race day, Mick had a few mistakes in his run and ended up in 32nd; he's now 6th overall. 
Tracey crashed pretty hard in the fastest section of the track and qualified 8th.  Sunday morning, pressure is on for the finals. Tracey was on a good run until she crashed, she finished at 9th place. She's now 2nd overall! 

It's the first hard week end for the team this year, we know it's part of racing and we are already looking forward to Fort William where we will try to get back our team leader rank.

Thanks to all the staff for the hard work and thanks to all our partners like Morewood and iXS for the support.

See you in Fort William next week,

Hutchinson UnitedRide

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