Saturday, November 26, 2011

Snow Bike? Got Wood?

Black Friday shopping for a snow bike and what pops up on the screen?  I am not sure what it says above the bike or why the sickle and hammer are on there...but there it is.  The Snowood?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

iXS Protection for the Team

What is going under those sick iXS kits?  iXS protection from iXS USA of course!

Knee/shin, knee, elbow, shorts, and back; iXS has the team covered with however much protection they required.  You can almost see Mikey running down A Line in nothing but bright green protection, a helmet, and...dang, did it again.  

To see the gear up close visit the iXS USA Factory Outlet or tell your local dealer to get iXS in their own store.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Morewood Izimu Video by Bunny Hop Bikes

Ben over at Bunny Hop Bikes did this fantastic video describing the 2011 Morewood Izimu frame.  Sure we have some 2011's left but this is a great video for the 2012's too.  Thanks Ben!  Look for Ben to review the 2012 Kwela 29 soon.

Friday, November 18, 2011

iXS Team Kits...oh so sexy!



Naturally we are adding our sponsors logos all over these.

Hmmm...maybe we should make refrigerator magnets of the team kit so you can build your favorite rider like, wait did I just leak the first name?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

2011 Morewood Makulu Season Review

This is my review of the 2011 season spent on my Morewood Makulu.

Frame:     2011 Morewood Makulu, Med, Red
Fork:       2011 Marzocchi 888 EVO TI
Shock:     Cane Creek Double Barrel, w/ TI Spring
Bars:        Spank Spike 777 EVO, Red
Stem:       Marzocchi 50mm, Black
Grips:       ODI TLD, Red
Brakes:     Formula The One FR, 203mm Rotors
Headset:   Cane Creek 110, Red
Seatpost:   Woodman LS, Gold
Seatclamp: Woodman TI Bolts, Gold
Saddle:       SDG Falcon, TI Rails, Red/Black
Cranks:       MRP Camber 170mm, Black
Pedals:        Crank Bro's Mallet 3....Spank Spike Flats, Red
Chainguide:  MRP G2 SL, Black
Chainring:     MRP 37T
Chainring Bolts:   Vuelta Bolt Set, Red
Chain:           SRAM 10spd
Shifter:          SRAM XO, Redbush Red
Derailleur:      SRAM X9 10spd, Red
Cable Set:     Aztec, Black
Cassette:       PG-1080, 11-26, Red
Hubs:            Hope PRO-2, Polished, 32h
Spokes:        DT Swiss Champion, Black
Nipples:        DT Swiss, Gold
Rims:            Spank Subrosa, 32h, Black
Tires:            Maxxis Minion DHF 2.5, Maxxis High Roller II 2.4

My first ride on the Makulu was at the Windham WC race in Windham, New York. I was given the chance to ride and race Fabien Cousinie from team Morewood Unitedride's factory Fox equipped Makulu.

This was a custom sized frame with a degree slacker head angle than stock. I can say I was more than blown away with everything on the bike. This particular bike was a bit big but was still really good. The first thing I noticed was how confidence inspiring the bike is. I could immediately put the bike where I wanted and it tracked like a dream.

The rear swingarm is extremely stiff and really translates well to the trail. The rear suspension is very responsive on small hits and take the bigger stuff very well. I have not ridden a linkage driven single pivot that responds that well to terrain and still pedals really well. It is the definition of fast.

The 2.1:1 leverage ratio is fantastic, coming off a Commencal Supreme DH with a much higher ratio the Makulu blows the Supreme away. Pedal feedback is virtually non-existent. It is extremely stable in the air and and really sticks to the ground. I must reiterate the fact that this bike just simply makes you go faster. I am now riding sections of tracks faster than I should but I'm still comfortable enough to go faster. I can push this bike and keep pushing. The more time I spend on it the faster it gets.

I am very happy with this bike and I love every minute I spend on it.

Thanks for reading!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Monday, November 7, 2011

Morewood Kalula Review

The great people over at Unrealcycles have been nice enough to recently let me demo the Morewood Kalula. Before this bike I didn't know much about Morewood  but I did some research and found out both through the internet searching and first hand that they make some pretty rad bikes!

The Kalula is Morewood's 7 inch "lite" downhill bike. I don't think you can categorize this bike nor should you try. I've been riding it for almost two weeks now and every time I throw my leg over it I am smiling from the first pedal stroke to the last corner I hit. 

This bike is the little sibling to the Makulu, Morewoods 8 inch full on downhill race sled. It is set up extremely nice with a Fox 36 Vanilla 180 front fork and a Cane Creek Double Barrel in the rear. I'm guessing on the weight but I feel as if it can't be far off from the 34lb area. It feels lite enough when its a flat pedal but heavy enough on the decent that I don't have to worry about it bouncing all over the trails. 

Since riding this bike I have seen my confidence level rise. The angles on the bike are so forgiving and with the  suspension set up the way it is I am able to attack a few of the rock gardens that I use to have to be a little tentative with before. I am not saying the bike is a plow, I feel like it likes to be finessed through rough sections but it just soaks everything up. Also the faster and harder you ride this bike the better it seems to react. And with the single crown it handles technical tight trails awesome. 

Coming out of corners the bike feels energetic, the pedal efficiency is great from a bike in its class. It really does so many things well. After a few rides I was itching to get up on our jump line and hit some of the sections that have alluded me so far this season. After one rip through I was sold. The bike felt so natural in the air and I felt like I could really manipulate it if I needed to. I was able to hit and clear three pretty big jumps that before this bike I had only ridden around.

It amazed me what this bike could really soak up. We have one trail that has a 7-8 foot rock drop to relatively flat. Again before this bike I never felt confident enough to launch. Well a few days ago I figured I had the equipment mine as well give it a shot. Man I was impressed 8 foot to almost flat and felt great, super smooth. All in all I am stoked with the bike, I've actually been pricing them out. I feel for the riding that I like to do this bike is perfect. I'm not sure I would need all that an 8 inch bike has to offer, and I'm almost positive I wouldn't even ride this bike to its potential. But what ever level I am riding it to it sure is fun !!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Team Bikes for 2012

Being that we are "The Bikes that DH Built" you can expect us to hit the DH circuit. In addition we are going to support riders at Enduro and Super D events too.

So since the team will need a soild frame for competition you can expect to see the riders to be rocking the Makulu. Makulu means Big Momma...and just look at that girl. Low leverage, 8", South African made with a couple of National Championships in 2011 and a 5th at the World Championships. Good stuff!

For Enduro and Super D expect to see the team rocking the Sukuma. The Sukuma will be the first Morewood bike that features the Dave Weagle Split Pivot suspension design.

Sukuma in Zulu means, "Arise". We will. More sponsors to be announced soon. Oh and the team members too...stay tuned!