Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Team iXS Unique and Hutchinson UnitedRide - Sea Otter 2012

Who is the team with the biggest space?  Oh, that's us...Team iXS Unique.
Dual Slalom Woes...
Mikey's DS ride.  Check out all the Slalom bikes on VitalMTB
In the dual slalom, Sick Mick qualified 1st,  Fabien 12th, Mikey 17th, and Jackie in 5th.

Fabien’s 8th final was against Kyle Strait. Fabien was on a very good run, they were elbow to elbow but on the last jump, Fabien’s derailleur broke. Fabien was then ready to fight on his second round. He finished in front of Kyle Strait but it wasn’t enough. 

Sick Mick on the other hand won his 16th and 8th finals. He looked very fast. The quarter finals were against Cedric Gracia. Mick was leading when, on the last jump, his derailleur broke too. He then had to make quite a lot of time on the second round. He finished in front of Gracia but the time lost from the mechanical issue wasn’t enough. 

Mick and Fabien were disappointed since they had the speed and felt very good on their bikes. Finally it’s Kyle Strait who took the win of the race and it’s too bad when we know that Fabien was able to beat the winner without a mechanical.

Mikey ran into some shifting issues out of the gate and was knocked out in the first round. Mikey than moved on to help the announcers.
Jackie, "Saturday was a full day for Dual Slalom, we had practice, qualifying and finals all in one day. I was riding a new bike, which has a secret name, winning practice as usual. I nailed all the lines I wanted and struggled a bit on the climbs back up the hill, due to the extreme heat of the day. I qualified 5th, knowing I botched the blue course and was ready to redeem myself during finals and advance to the top four. I won both tracks on my first heat and was excited to win the next. However I was not so lucky on my next heat, I lost the first run and won the second, but it was not enough. Steffi beat me by .01 and was able to advance to the semi-finals."
Place Name Team
1 Kyle Strait
7 Brendan Fairclough SCOTT SPORTS
8 Luke Strobel PIVOT KENDA
Professional Women
Place Name Team
2 Melissa Buhl KHS/AZONIC
3 Manon Carpenter Satasen Madison
5 Jacqueline Harmony TEAM IXS UNIQUE
6 Wendy Palmer

9 Joanna Petterson MAXXIS/NEMA
10 Andrea Napoli

DH Action...
Sunday morning was foggy and a bit cooler. Mick’s start was pretty early and he did a time of 2:03 which put him in the hot seat for a while. The last riders were pretty fast but only Jared Graves, specialist on this track, beat Mick’s time by only 0.5 seconds.  Fabien did a good run considering his mistake and finished 13th.
It was the first time a rider of the team went on the podium at Sea Otter and with a 2nd  place, Mick Hannah finished just in front of Aaron Gwin, the 2011 world cup champion. 

Mikey whipped big for the crowd, they were still whooping when he drifted a corner.  Next corner the same...opps, too much.  A crowd favorite Mikey ended up in front if Team iXS Unique's enduro specialist Jared Hobbs.  
Jackie, "Sunday, Sunday, Sunday my favorite day was foggy all the way through the women’s Downhill race. My name was on the top of the start list and I was excited to be the first one down. Race morning practice was a little frustrating, due to the change in weather my suspension felt a bit sluggish. I am glad I did not change anything because I knew the weather would be changing and the more I rode my bike the better the suspension would feel. The Sea Otter Downhill has been known for smaller travel bikes to do the best, however I decided to race on my trusty Orange 224 and just pedal as hard as I could. The race run went smooth and I charged all the way to the finish, definitely feeling all the off- season training taking affect. The end result put me in 6th, 0.6 seconds off of 5th and 1 second off of 4th place."
When a jump comes around, you must whip it.  Whip it good!

Fabien charging.
Mick rocking the short travel bike.
Podium for Mick
On the first day the sidehack was mauled by Fabien Cousinie and Lance Tueller.  Look for footage of that in the upcoming Hutchinson UnitedRide footage.  Mikey Haderer and Matt Condrashoff headed over to our friends at COC and backflipped the sidehack into the bag.

Mikey also hit up the Speed and Style in a speedo which we are going to spare your eyes the photo evidence.

Up next...
This weekend Fabien is off to France for the Avalanche Cup of Lyon and Mick Hannah rejoins Jackie, Dante, and Mikey (Team iXS Unique) for the Pro GRT/NWCup #2/US Grand Prix in Port Angeles, Washington.
We are stoked to share some sponsors with the Hutchinson UnitedRide Team like; iXS Sports Division, Morewood Bikes, and Hutchinson Tires.

We would also like to thank VP Components, Cane Creek, MRP, Deity, White Bros., Feedback Sports, and Solar Sense PV.

Dante's Whip on display at Deity. The DS bikes made their way to most every sponsors booth.
For now Jackie, Dante, and Mick are about to hit up Mt. Ashland in Oregon...see you on the trails!

36 Second Video with Tim Bentley

Short attention span?  Go Timmy!!!

Morewood Bikes: Tim Bentley from lloyd ramsay on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pink Izimu, Pink Makulu, Pink...

Pink, it's my new obsession, yeah 
Pink, it's not even a question 
Pink, on the lips of your lover 
'Cause pink is the love you discover 
Pink, as the bing on your cherry 
Pink, 'cause you are so very 
Pink, it's the color of passion 
'Cause today it just goes with the fashion                                                                                     
- Aerosmith 
Go Tracey Go!
 No doubt you have seen Tracey's Pink Izimu.  Tracey won the 2012 Australian National Champs and the first World Cup in South Africa aboard this bike.  Well the factory in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa has been cooking up a Makulu...in pink.  Check out the last photo below.

Sad to see the Izimu go.  So, let's see, here in the USA you can get a handmade, Championship winning, Cane Creek Double Barrel equipped, adjustable geometry frame for $2,136.84.  Can anyone match that?

That's right adjustable geometry, with the turn of an allen key you can raise/lower the bottom bracket, shorten/lengthen the chainstay, and change the head angle.  Oh yeah!

Podium Pink

Soon to Podium Pink

TriRide Velocity.ZERO // Pietermaritzburg DH World Cup 2012

Watch Hutchinson UnitedRide team members Mick Hannah and Tracey Hannah shred the DH World Cup #1.  Mick rolls on the Morewood Makulu while Tracey kills it on the Izimu.  Mick's section starts at 4:00 and Tracey starts at 5:45.  Although you will want to watch the whole thing.  

TriRide Velocity.ZERO // Pietermaritzburg DH World Cup 2012 from TriRide on Vimeo.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

NW Cup #1

The Enduro contingent headed for the NW Cup #1 in Port Angeles this weekend.  Jared Hobbs was rocking the #4 plate in the Pro Division.  Jared rode his Morewood Makulu to a final time of 2:57.02 which was good enough for a 17th of 39 Pros at the event.  This was Jared's first race on the Makulu.

Jared protected himself with an interesting combo...iXS Hack Knee Pads and iXS Hack Shin Pads.  The Hack Knee Pads are the ultimate in Enduro protection and lightweight.  He added some shin protection and hit up the DH.  Nice idea!

Scott Punt hit up the Cat 1 race with his Makulu, stay tuned for an event report from Scott on this blog.

Be sure to "Like" the team on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UniqueMTB

See the full results here: http://nwtechanddesign.com/nwcup/files/DH-Results-Overall.pdf

Photo by dsedivy on PinkBike.  Check out his other photos HERE