Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pink Izimu, Pink Makulu, Pink...

Pink, it's my new obsession, yeah 
Pink, it's not even a question 
Pink, on the lips of your lover 
'Cause pink is the love you discover 
Pink, as the bing on your cherry 
Pink, 'cause you are so very 
Pink, it's the color of passion 
'Cause today it just goes with the fashion                                                                                     
- Aerosmith 
Go Tracey Go!
 No doubt you have seen Tracey's Pink Izimu.  Tracey won the 2012 Australian National Champs and the first World Cup in South Africa aboard this bike.  Well the factory in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa has been cooking up a pink.  Check out the last photo below.

Sad to see the Izimu go.  So, let's see, here in the USA you can get a handmade, Championship winning, Cane Creek Double Barrel equipped, adjustable geometry frame for $2,136.84.  Can anyone match that?

That's right adjustable geometry, with the turn of an allen key you can raise/lower the bottom bracket, shorten/lengthen the chainstay, and change the head angle.  Oh yeah!

Podium Pink

Soon to Podium Pink

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