Friday, March 16, 2012

First in Qualifying

Tracey coming in at first spot in qualifying aboard her Morewood Izimu!!!  

1st - Tracey Hannah
2nd - Emmeline Ragot
3rd - Floriane Pugin
4th - Sabrina Jonnier
5th - Jill Kinter

Full results from our Morewood Brothers Southern Downhill HERE

The Izimu features adjustable geometry through the XPI Pivot.  With the turn of an allen wrench you may adjust the bb height,  chainstay length, and head angle.  Check out how the XPI works HERE.  Click and hit the XPI tab.

Mick Hannah qualifies in 6th aboard the Makulu!  Full men's results HERE.

Mick is ripping it up on the Makulu.  So stoked for Sunday!

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