Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fontucky...Winner, winner; chicken dinner...

Fontana, California was the first stop for the iXS Unique Team to shake off the Winter as a team.  The Team's Makulus were not ready for action so Jackie and Dante climbed aboard one of Unique's other brands for the weekend; still handmade single pivoty goodness.  While the Harmony's got used to their rides Mikey dialed in his 888's on his Izimu with the help of the awesome support at Marzocchi. 

Come race time the sky opened up and the rain began.  Sorry for the lack of action shots, next time we will bring more weatherproof camera equipment.

Jackie got top spot on the podium...not bad for receiving the bike the day before.  Can't wait to get her on her Makulu.  Mikey shared the 2:10 time slot with five others riders good for a 16th spot out of 41 Pro Men.  Dante also having spent a few hours on a new bike pulled a 24th spot with a time of 2:13.09.   

Pro Women DH
1. Jacqueline Harmony       2:25.12
2. Gabriela Williams            2:27.40
3. Margret Gregory              2:32.43

This is another "W" in the column for iXS, USCO, VP, Cane Creek Double Barrel, Marzocchi, Deity, MRP, and Feedback Sports.

We shared our pit with Privateer racers Ben Mclelland, Ryan Sholes, and a couple members of Unreal Cycles Team Sprockets Grommits.  

Morewood Makulu Rider Results:
DNF Ben McClelland - Sprain Ankle...get better soon buddy!
8th Ryan Sholes - Expert Men 27-34
8th Scott Punt - Expert Men 19-26

Let's get ready for Sea Otter!!!  Wooooooo!

Those Split Tails are BRIGHT!!!
Lance added a dropper post to Mikey Haderer's Izimu right before the race. 
Pretty little ladies all in a row...
VP in the house!
Too hot for the internet? You decide!
Is that a Cane Creek Double Barrel Air on that Makulu?  Dang!
Steve approves this message.
Shhhh...Jackie is resting from her win.
A big thanks to all our sponsors...we hope to put you up on the podium again soon.

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