Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Podiums, Loss of Shorts...iXS Morewood Factory Report

The iXS Morewood Factory Team attacked two races in two countries over the weekend.  Mikey Haderer hopped onto a Morewood Izimu and headed South for the Valpariso Cerro Abajo Urban DH race in Chile while the Harmonys headed to Boulder City, Nevada to compete in the Reaper Madness Super D and DH.

Valpariso Cerro Abajo
In Chile Mikey made go with a bike that had been assembled hours before departure.  Mikey is known for his red, white, and blue bikes.  When the red, white, and blue frame arrived the red Deity bar, stem, and grips were icing on the cake!  The bike was lacking the teams standard rear shock, the ultimate in adjustment, the Cane Creek Double Barrel.  Unfortunately, the bike was a bit under sprung for giant leaps to flat.

Mikey Haderer:
I survived but not exactly any sort of result...had a near death in qualifying that actually pulled my pants all the way off and then same spot in finals and a massive bottom out bounce that sent me into the guard fence.
After qualifying Mikey gave an interview to the live feed of 88,000+ viewers who got to watch Mikey butcher the Spanish language.  This was a bit of a dry run for Mikey on the Izimu but he is confident about the future.  Soon Mikey will be aboard the Morewood Makulu, for you fans out there we will also get Mikey tighter shorts.  Stay tuned!

Valparaíso Cerro Abajo 2012 from VCA on Vimeo.

Reaper Madness
Meanwhile in Bootleg Canyon, Jackie and Dante Harmony were about to hit the DH race at Downhill Mike's Reaper Madness!  Shipping and other issues delayed the arrival of the Harmony's team bikes.  Some sponsors like Marzocchi and MRP carried over from last seasons bikes.  The Harmony's ran their newly acquired VP-69 Pedals and iXS Slope EVO guards.  Like Mikey, the Harmony's will be decked out ready to go on the next outing.  

Dante had gathered up a 6th in the Pro Super D on Saturday while Jackie has suffered some issues on a borrowed bike.  Fellow iXS rider Josh Bender lent Jackie his 29er for the Super D.  Out of the gate things appeared to be going fine when Jackie heard an awful sound from the derailleur.  Looking down she saw that the chain had just ate the rear derailleur.  To no avail she wrestled the chain to make the bike coastable.  This was not her race.  On the other hand she eventually crossed the finish line and earned enough money to buy Bender a new Rear Derailleur!  Doh!

In the DH Jackie went to business as usual and took both the Womens Pro DH and the Womens Unchained DH.  Dante pulled a 12th in the Unchained DH out of 52 entered riders.  

Photo by Leslie Pitts

Pro Racer Ben McClelland took 10th in the Pro DH.  You may remember Ben from his Fontana race where he broke his chain.  Read that post HERE.   Ben put his chainless DH skills to the test in Boulder City in the Open Chainless race where he ended up in 6th place.  Awesome work Ben...can't wait to get you in full iXS gear!  Ben is also adding the smoothness of a Cane Creek Double Barrel to his already sick Morewood Makulu.

Photo by Kris Burke

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