Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tracey Hannah wins 2012 Australian National Championships

Congrats to Tracey Hannah who took the Australian National Championships! She won by more than 8sec in front of the best Australian riders aboard her Morewood Izimu.  Seriously...can you name another handmade adjustable geo DH bike with a Cane Creek Double Barrel for around $2,100?  That's right...on we spec this bad boy with a Cane Creek shock.  Yes, we ship internationally...but contact your Morewood distro.

That's beside the point.  Tracey has killed it every round in the series!  Here in a few weeks Tracey will switch from her Izimu to a Makulu and attack the World Cup Circuit.  Congrats and good luck!  Go Tracey go!

Tracey Hannah - 2:15:07
Jill Kintner - 2:23:59
Shelly Flood - 2:31:77
Alyssa Lyons - 2:36:01
Lisa Mathison - 2:42:80

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