Friday, February 10, 2012

Tracey Pic on VitalMTB

This article on VitalMTB features Tracey rocking her Pink Izimu.  You know, that Morewood Izimu that she is using to sweep the National series starts at $1516.84 (w/o shock)!  Clearly it is going to pull in another National title.  2008 US DH Mens Title...won on an Izimu, and the list goes on.  Cool article, check it out!
Personal Progression: Photographing a Race with Only One Lens
Round 3 of the Australian Mountain Bike National Series was on this past weekend and I gave myself a photo challenge.  Shoot with nothing more than a 300mm. No zoom, no flashes, no fisheye, nothing that I normally use...(Continued on VitalMTB)

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